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Serving the communities of Burbank, Foraker, Grainola, Kaw City, Shidler, and Webb City: Click here for map

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   PHONE POLICY – Updated for 2024-2025 (open policy here)

phone useDuring the school day, Shidler Public Schools will be phone and other personal electronic communication and listening device free for the 2024-2025 school year. This policy change was made to eliminate distractions that interfere with learning and to give our students and teachers a more optimal learning environment. 

We are in no way trying to eliminate or restrict technology in the classrooms. In fact, our district encourages students and teachers to utilize the many i-Pads, Chromebooks, and personal computers that are available to them to make learning meaningful, modern, and relevant. 

Students may still continue to bring their personal electronic devices to school every day for use before and after school. Students’ personal devices will always remain in the custody of the students unless the policy is violated. The difference this year will be that phones will be turned off and locked in a secure pouch from the start of the school day to the end of the school day.

If you need to reach your child, please contact the office. Your child may use office phone or office personnel can temporarily unlock the student’s Yondr Pouch long enough for them to complete a call on their cell.



2024-2025 School Meals

No student will be charged for breakfasts or lunches during the 2024-25 school year. Students will still have the opportinuity to purchase a la carte items; however, no student will be charged for a regular school lunch or breakfast. THANK YOU to our wind farm partner, Enel Green Energy, for paying the entire expense of non-reimbursed meal cost to ensure that EVERY STUDENT EATS FOR FREE!


Student Breakfast Student Lunch Adult Breakfast Adult Lunch
Free = $0.00 Free = $0.00 Full Price = $2.50 Full Price = $5.00


Shidler Public Schools is an equal opportunity employer.

help wanted


Accepting Applications for:

     1) Secondary Special Education Teacher

       2) Paraprofessional


Please complete the Employment Application (see link below), and submit it along with a resume (if available) by one of the following methods.  Certified positions should also include a current teaching certificate.  All employees must pass a background check.

~ Email to:

~ Mail to:  213 South W. G. Ward; Shidler, OK 74652

~ Fax to: 918-793-2061  

shidler logo


Employment Application



Students recently participated in a financial literacy simulation known as RealityU. Prior to the day of the event students completed an online preference survey to generate a job and income profile for themselves at age 26. Some students chose to be married and some chose to have children. If they were married, then the couple had to make budgetary decisions together and for those who chose to have children they had to carry a crying baby with them as they conducted business. Students had to visit 12 life stations to pay bills and make decisions about what type of car to drive, whether to rent or purchase a house, and figure out how much money to spend on entertainment.  The 12 life stations were Child Care, Utilities, Phone and Fun, Housing, Clothes & Hair, Student Loans, Food, Insurance, Transportation, Emergency Fund & Investments, Unexpected Life Events, and Help. Many students ran out of money and had to visit the Help desk to either get a second job or receive advice about how to cut expenses. Students are still talking about the lessons they learned days after the event. The simulation would not have been possible without the help and support from our incredible volunteers for which we wish to express our sincerest gratitude. If you have an opportunity, please join Shidler Schools and our students in thanking these awesome partners and supporters of our school!

RealityU Picture Album from Shidler Event


ENEL Green Power RCB Bank KanOkla City of Shidler
A Wild Hair Kaw Nation Osage Nation State Farm Insurance
Miller EMS Stuteville Ford Ponca Fire & EMS Golay Veterinary Services
Osage County Interlocal Pioneer Technology Center RealityU Facilitator Patrick Sehl Shidler Yaerbook & Jessica Asher





I would like to thank the Tulsa World newspaper for writing a story that very accurately depicts why Shidler Public Schools needs Osage Wind. Below is a link to the story. If you are not a subscriber to the Tulsa World, you may obtain a 3-month trial for $1 and cancel anytime.

Rick Rogers, Superintendent

Tulsa World Story 1-29-24

Press Release from Shidler School Superintendent

Additional Press Coverage since removal order:

News on 6 Television Report 2-13-24

Tulsa World Article 2-26-24

Osage News Article 2-27-24



ANNOUNCINGtelehealthTelehealth Option for Shidler Students and Staff Is Here

Shidler Schools has entered into an agreement with Pawhuska Family Medical Clinic which allows students and school employees to see a doctor and/or nurse while at school using Telehealth Technology. This technology permits doctors in Pawhuska to conduct many routine screenings and diagnoses on students without students having to miss school or wait days to get a doctor’s appointment. Telehealth patients are assured of the same rights of medical privacy during telehealth visits as would be afforded them during in-person doctors’ visits. The program is optional and parents must give permission for their children to be seen by a doctor. Obvious potential benefits are that students can be evaluated by medical professionals without having to miss school or parents miss work to take their children to a doctor. The School encourages all parents to consider signing their children up for this option. To learn more or to sign up, please access the brochure below.

Telehealth Brochure


This space will be used to provide Covid-19 information.


Safely Reopen School Plan – School Year 2023-2024

American Rescue Plan



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